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Get a video camera, Record anything else that can turn a video into a viral hit, Edit into a short, watchable video. Upload your video to YouTube. If one of your videos does well, YouTube will send you an email with this subject line: "Apply for revenue sharing for your video (Video Title)." Also you can apply directly for partnership on YouTube's Partner program page. YouTube will pay you for your awesome video(s).
Payment : Cash by Check or Direct Bank Deposit (Monthly basis)
blinkx AdHoc rewards you for sharing videos. Next time you embed a video from a video-sharing site, simply run the embed code through blinkx AdHoc first to start making money. When you add the embedded video, it will have contextually relevant ads placed near or on it. If your viewers click on these ads, the advertiser pays blinkx, and blinkx will share 50% of that revenue with you. blinkx pays users in $20 increments.
Payment : Cash by Paypal (Monthly)
blip give viewers free access to a wide variety of dramas, comedies, arts, sports and other shows and make it easy to find what you want when you want it. Blip shares all advertising revenue with producers on a 50/50 basis. There are a number of factors that influence how much you can earn,size of your audience, number of video views you receive, general subject matter of your show etc. You must have a positive balance of $25 to receive a payment from blip.
Payment : Cash by Paypal (if < $600) or Check (if > $600)
Break.com accepts original flash games, videos, and pictures. Upload an original video. An original video is one you filmed yourself. If Break feature your content on homepage, Break will pay you $400 to sell it to them! If you prefer to license it to break, they will pay you $200.  If your video is placed in a gallery earn $25.
Payment : Cash by Paypal
Current TV accepts pods (non-fiction and satirical shorts about what’s going on in your world), mobile footage of funny or newsworthy moments, documentary shorts and more. Pays a flat rate based on submission type and airing. (see FAQ for details)
Payment : Cash by Paypal


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  4. Please help me because i am quite desperate for work at home. I haven't received the genuine one. help me.

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